Best Carry On Luggage - A World's First

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Looking for the best carry on luggage for your air travel? Our convenient premium quality carry on suitcase will make your journeys so much easier. Meeting the BA size limit, it’s roomy and ideal for business travellers.

With a smart and virtually indestructible hard shell, this lightweight suitcase is easy to wheel even with your jacket placed on its uniquely designed fold-out Hanger Handle.

Each half of the case is fully enclosed, with a laptop and smaller pockets on the inside.  Perfect for when you get your laptop out at customs, but do not want to display the contents of your case. You can even open the case upright - a world's first for hard-sided cases. It’s the best carry on luggage solution for every occasion.

The Bizhop Carry on Luggage’s Key Benefits:

  • Virtually indestructible hard shell - strong enough to sit on
  • Handle folds out as a coat hanger
  • Padded internal laptop pocket plus two other handy pockets
  • Both halves fully enclosed to prevent embarrassing fall-outs!
  • TSA combination lock for added security
  • Sturdy, high quality double spinner wheels by Hinomoto
  • Best quality zip by YKK
  • Case will stand upright, even when open and with jacket on the hanger
  • Comes with a five year guarantee

The Bizhop Suitcase Description & Measurements

Originally designed to provide the best carry on luggage for business travel, our suitcase fits within the cabin luggage allowance of the leading UK airlines, British Airways and EasyJet. The Bizhop hard shell’s advantage over soft, bulgy cases is that not only does it protect your items, but keeps within the check-in measurement.

The dimensions are: height 55cm x width 40cm x depth 23cm, with a 40 litre capacity. Engineered and quality-tested to exacting premium standards, it weighs 3.1kg and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Hanger Handle

This hand luggage cleverly solves the problem of what to do with your jacket when you want to take it off. The pull-out wheeling handle will also fold open to form a sturdy coat hanger – The Hanger Handle - so you can keep your jacket safe and crease-free. You can even wheel our travel suitcase with the jacket on the hanger, leaving you a free hand to use your phone or hold your documents.

The Suitcase’s Shell and Spinner Wheels

The case is exceptionally robust, with the shell being moulded with our unique design from polycarbonate – It is strong enough to sit on and, thanks to its 8 precision-built rolling wheels (4 double sets, 1 at each corner), it can be opened conveniently when upright – the World’s first. The position of the handle, in front of the rear wheels, gives our cabin suitcase added stability so that it stands up firmly and won’t fall over while a jacket is on the handle hanger, even when opened.

The wheels are top-quality hard-wearing Japanese Hinomoto double spinner wheels, giving a fast and excellent manoeuvrability from all angles.

Your Case’s Security

Vital security is provided by the hard shell, fitted with an extra strong main YKK zipper and an integrated Transportation Security Administration [TSA] approved combination lock. This type secures the zip pulls into the lock, which can then be released and opened with your own personal combination code. The TSA approved lock is essential should the cabin bag have to go in the hold, as it can be opened if necessary by airport security agencies without being destroyed. 

The Suitcase’s Clever Internal Design

Both halves of the suitcase are fully enclosed so when you open it in the upright position the contents are hidden from view and your things do not fall out. The interior layout includes a padded zipped laptop pocket along with two further handy zipped pockets - ideal for your liquids, toiletries, snacks, a book, etc.

The case’s adaptable arrangement makes it simple to remove your laptop and other items when you want them or when required at a security check. Being carried in the middle, rather than towards the outside, your laptop (or indeed other fragile items) benefit from the additional protection.

The distinctive moulding make it easy to spot your suitcase from all angles - useful if you have to collect it from a conveyor belt - but however you travel Bizhop’s best carry on luggage will allow you to arrive in style.

Please note it is your responsibility to check the carry on luggage size restrictions of the airline you are travelling with as restrictions vary - and can, and do change.

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