Returns and Slight Seconds

This is your lucky day!

At Bizhop Luggage we pride ourselves on premium quality and that means we set very high standards.  These high standards have meant that a small number of our suitcases have been marked as slight seconds.

What does this mean?  Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Samples used for reviews that have been returned
  2. Blemishes in the hard shell
  3. Scratched surface
  4. Frayed lining
  5. Imperfect stitching

Rest assured these are only minor imperfections and do not affect the functionality of the suitcase.  But the bonus for you is that we're giving a massive 50% discount on any slight seconds or returns.

Numbers are limited and at the current time we have just 4 available, so to grab a bargain just click this link to take you to our shop page and the 50% discount will be applied when you CheckOut.

Go ahead, click this link now!