Hanger Handle for Carry On Suitcases

Every case needs a Hanger Handle!

Inventor Iain Begg envisioned a handle that transforms to a hanger for his jacket whilst travelling regularly on business and finding himself in the airport lounge putting his jacket over the handle of his carry-on case. 

carry on suitcase with hanger

Seeing many fellow business travellers doing the same and seeing the imprint of the handle on the shoulders of his jacket, Iain knew that there was a simple solution to this problem.  Anticipating that one of the major luggage brands would incorporate this feature he did nothing about it for over 15 years then in 2015 Iain decided to quit his job at an Investment Bank in London to fulfil his dream of turning his invention into a viable business proposition.

Bizhop Luggage (www.bizhop.co.uk) was founded in Autumn of 2016 and the first ever suitcase with a #hangerhandle was launched in late-2017.

If you want a Hanger Handle to feature on your next luggage product then you should contact the inventor, Iain Begg, on his mobile +44-7799-410670 or send an email to iain.begg @ bizhop.co.uk and he will be happy to discuss this business opportunity.