Best Carry On Luggage Investment Opportunities

If you back our best carry on luggage for frequent flyers, you’ll be investing in the world’s first fully upright hard-sided suitcase with the unique Hanger Handle. A patent has been granted in the UK (along with the international Patent Cooperation Treaty). 

Invented and developed by Bizhop MD Iain Begg, this convenient cabin luggage solution is a premium product designed for the growing business travel market. With its strong shell, its facility to open upright, its enclosed pockets and customisation options, our hand luggage offers far more than the best suitcase brands.

Invest in unique premium brand UK business

Iain Begg says:
“As a seasoned business traveller, I couldn’t find the ideal carry on luggage and I found problems with all the major brands. That’s why I designed this perfect carry on suitcase for business travellers. Now, after rigorous testing and market research, we’re offering investment opportunities as we’re ready to grow the business internationally.”

Best Carry On Luggage Investment Features

  • Investment features for Hanger Handle travel caseHuge commercial potential: business travel requirements form 25 per cent of the luggage industry which in total is worth more than $33bn today and is predicted by analysts to grow to more than $43bn by 2020
  • Patent applied for nationally and internationally: Hanger Handle patent is pending in the UK (Ref: GB2545820) along with a PCT (Newsflash:  notification of grant of UK Patent was received on 28th Nov 2017).
  • Healthy market indicated for our Unique Selling Proposition (USP): our market research shows that our best carry on luggage concept is attracting industry leaders in both the manufacturing and retail sectors of the industry
  • Strict production testing processes: all our products, components and constructions are tested against the most rigorous industry standards and our own detailed quality assurance procedures
  • Free from liens and with no ongoing debts: funding to date is supplied by Iain Begg’s personal investment, as well as some pre-orders
  • Three potential exit strategies for investors: potentially in 18 months to 2 years’ time – subject to discussion
  • Due diligence: a pack is prepared and available

Bizhop Luxury Lightweight Cabin Luggage

Targeting business travellers requires building the best carry on luggage for international travel possible, a genuine premium quality product. We have carefully studied and examined comparable products in that category on the basis that we should improve on all aspects of first-class hand luggage available. This principle is applied to every component in the construction of Bizhop suitcases.

Bespoke cabin bags

We offer white label goods and can design and manufacture bespoke cases to suit your specification and branding featuring the Hanger Handle.  The Hanger Handle can be produced for two pole as well as single pole extending trolleys, a sturdier yet slightly heavier aluminium closure frame is available as an alternative to the zipper plus we have a huge range of colours for the exterior and interior and we will be only too happy to discuss your requirements.

Contact the MD

Iain Begg would be delighted to discuss with you the investment opportunities for our best carry on luggage. Please contact him on:

Telephone: +44 7799 410670

Email: iain.begg @