Best Carry On Luggage for Business Travel

Our superior carry on luggage offers practical and unique characteristics vital to any frequent flyer. Bizhop Luggage is a UK-based luggage designer, manufacturer and importer of the best business travel suitcases.

At Bizhop we believe we’ve got the handle on business luggage, and are pioneering innovative features with the purpose of providing travellers with practical solutions – especially at the airport.

best cabin luggage suitcase with hanger handle

Bizhop team members are frequent flyers themselves, and the inspiration for our ground-breaking hand luggage product came as a result of wanting a better carry on suitcase than the typical travel bag. We regularly came across niggles when using other manufacturer’s products, so having identified this niche in the market we took action ourselves.

Bizhop Carry On Luggage Solutions

Once we had ascertained flyers’ needs, we shifted our focus to the features that the usual carry on luggage was missing. These became the additions that made the Bizhop suitcase the perfect cabin luggage.

Bishop Carry On Luggage Strategy

Since business travellers are global, Bizhop Luggage seeks to operate worldwide. The initial plan is to establish brand presence throughout the UK market before expanding into the world markets. Further models are in the pipeline to add to the suitcase set range; these are set to include alternative colours and large suitcases.

For more information about our carry on luggage, wholesale and investment opportunities, please contact the team:

Telephone: +44 7799 410670