What should you buy? Hard sided or soft sided luggage?

What’s the ideal kind of carry on and check-in luggage? I’ve often heard people say “hard sided for check-in and soft sided for carry on”.  Although this approach would appear to make sense, there actually is a better solution, as I’ll explain here.

Those of us who have seen that video of baggage handlers throwing hold luggage about appreciate the benefits of having a hard sided case. These cases are stronger, and they give better protection. So it makes sense to have a hard sided check-in bag. But what about carry on luggage?

Many opt for soft sided carry on cases because they’re easy to access on the go, with a handy pocket to store their laptop. But then, if the flight is full, there’s always a chance that your carry on case will be taken away and placed in the hold, alongside all the check-in baggage.

So why then, don’t more people opt for a hard sided carry on case? The answer is to do with the inconvenient way these cases open. Hard sided cases are almost always ‘clamshell style’, meaning you have to lay them down to open them.

This is not only inconvenient, it’s also a bit intrusive, as all of your contents become visible to fellow travellers. But what if there was a hard sided carry on case that opened in a handier, more convenient way? There is, as the video below demonstrates.

The Bizhop carry on case combines the best of hard and soft. It is hard sided, but it also opens in a convenient, upright way, without anything falling out or being on show. It’s really easy to slip your laptop into the central pouch, where it gets maximum protection – more than it would in a conventional soft sided case.

Check out this clip about the revolutionary Bizhop case, then find out more by visiting www.bizhop.co.uk