Business Travel; I’ve got my trusty Backpack thanks!

Are you used to carrying your backpack with you everywhere you go?

Does this double as your “business luggage” when you travel?

Many business travellers have become so accustomed to carrying their sturdy backpack to and from the city over the years that it has morphed into their go-to for business luggage also. However… we think that there are pitfalls to using a backpack on your business travels... and we think we may have a better solution.

Humour us and let us tell you why we don’t rate the backpack for business travel.

1. Are your eyes in the back of your head?

Do you have eyes in the back of your head?  We thought not!  That’s the problem with backpacks, we carry them on our backs, but none of us have eyes in the back of our heads.

In busy places, like city centres, on trains & buses, on the underground/subway and on escalators & elevators backpacks are a liability.  If you are negotiating a busy and bustling area with tight spaces, you can make yourself narrower by turning sideways.  It’s second nature, it’s a habit to simply turn sideways to offer others more room.  The trouble is that most people wearing a backpack still perform the same ritual of turning sideways, only when they’ve got a backpack on, many of them become wider and invariably end up hitting someone else in the shoulder or face with their backpack as they turn! So backpacks turn from helpful storage solution to un-intentioned liability.

A safe and convenient luggage method?

Carrying a backpack firstly comes with safety issues as without eyes in the back of your head, anyone can unzip your backpack and remove/steal your belongings without you knowing. Carrying a backpack also means that you have to remove said backpack from your shoulder and place it on a surface every time you want to get something out of it, or you want to sit down. Then it has to sit on your lap meaning that it’s harder to balance your phone or your laptop and your backpack at the same time. Not so convenient now perhaps…

3.Are you portraying the right image?

Does your backpack say “serious business person?” or “urban nomad”?  Is your backpack in keeping with the corporate brand image or look you are trying to portray? Does carrying your backpack over your suit mean that you are constantly arriving at meetings with one shoulder of your suit or shirt crumpled and wrinkled? Do you worry your clients won’t take you seriously as you rummage in your backpack for documentation? It may be time for an upgrade…

4. Backpacks… creating pain since 1967.

The weight of your luggage being carried on your shoulders and not on the ground can put a real strain on your back, especially if your back is weak. If you have had a previous injury, or previous surgery, or if you want to avoid unnecessary visits to the chiropractor or osteopath, it might be wiser to let the pavement carry the load.

The first wheeled case was invented in 1970 by Bernard Sadow and the development of wheeled luggage has come a long way since then.  Rather than letting your back take the load, then a wheeled suitcase might be a better solution, but…how many wheels are best?

5.Wheels: The Bizhop Solution to the Backpack conundrum.

A two-wheeled suitcase must always be pulled behind.  This is a very convenient way to drag luggage and is the preferred method of wheeling a case over rough terrain.  A four-wheeled (aka spinner) case on the other hand can be wheeled in front, at the side or even behind, making it the most flexible of wheeled designs.

If you are travelling through an airport then spinner wheels often offer the best manoeuvrability to squeeze through small gaps and mean that you can push your case in front, at the side or to the back and you won’t be barging into people around you as you would be if you were carrying a backpack.

There are so many options when you have four spinner wheels.  So what’s better than four wheels? Well eight wheels of course!  With eight wheels, the revolutionary new upright case from Bizhop Luggage means that you can open the case in the upright position without it falling over allowing access to the handy internal zipped pockets, and of course, don’t forget the hanger handle where you can hang your jacket ensuring it stays wrinkle-free.

In summary, backpacks can be a liability for you and those around you and may not fit in with the executive traveller image you are trying to portray. Wheeled luggage is more convenient and looks more professional too. Usable upright luggage really is the future.

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