Airline carry-on requirements and restrictions

If you fly with different airlines frequently then it’s easy to get confused about what the restrictions are for carry-on luggage. It might be that you are often not sure what size, shape or weight your luggage should be, or even what to pack in that case!

The carry-on baggage or hand luggage rules on airlines are a bone of contention for many travellers who just want to be able to get off the aircraft and through the airport as soon as possible. Some airlines are stricter than others about hand-luggage because their priority is safety above the travellers need to be off and gone. Much of the challenge of meeting the requirements for passengers lies in packing their carry on case and choosing the right cabin case appropriately, so here are some luggage tips which we think will make things easier for you!

Pack Smartly

Airline carry on restrictions are not that bad when one really has a close look and they can be accommodated by packing smartly. Today there are restricted items that may not be packed and these are always clearly stated by the airline either at time on booking or at check in, if you are not sure what you can and cannot bring on board, always consult your carrier’s website.

Packing smartly is the key to carry-on luggage. Packing bulky or heavy objects is not recommended, very often it is safer and more convenient to have these checked in and if needed marked as fragile or for special car. It’s easy to over pack, so streamline your outfits and only pack what you really need. Shoes are often the heaviest thing so try to choose outfits which will match the shoes you are wearing. Make sure any toiletries are under 100mls or just buy toiletries once you arrive at your location or in duty free during the flight. Rolling clothes creates more space in your case. Make sure you weigh your luggage before travelling.

The right case

Another way to meet carry-on luggage requirements is to choose the right cabin case. The right cabin case will protect your items in the case and hold everything you need.  Many people choose a soft covered case in the knowledge that they can squash and squeeze their case to fit in the overhead locker or that they can squeeze more into the case as it stretches.

The truth is a soft covered carry on case is not the most advisable choice.nYour cabin case may meet the measurements of the airline but being overfull it may not and therefore it will not fit easily into the overhead bin. Squeezing cases in at all costs is something airline crews frown upon and very often the passengers who do this have their cases placed in the hold. Once the case is placed in the hold, the risk of damage to the case is high and anything you may need for the flight is now out of reach entirely. Also once in the hold the risk of valuables being stolen or going missing increases.   hard shell cabin case of the right size is, at the end of the day, the best solution.

Choose Bizhop

Choosing the right carry on case for air travel is essential and Bizhop Luggage have developed the perfect carry on case for the traveller that is in a hurry or just wants to travel hassle free. The Bizhop carry on case has been designed to meet the stringent size restrictions of airlines. The dimensions are 55x40x23cm which fits restrictions for the UK main airlines (BA and Easyjet).

The case also had space, pockets and a clever Hanger Handle to bring absolute convenience. The Bizhop Cabin Case has been designed with airline travel in mind, is strong, lightweight and stylish. With a Bizhop Hanger Handle Cabin Case you will always know your case will travel with you, fitting in the cabin bins with ease. When it comes to buying the right cabin case, especially for frequent flyers Bizhop Luggage is the name to trust!

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