7 Top Tips for business travellers

7 Top Tips for Business Travellers

Do you regularly travel for business? Are you familiar with the inside of so many airport lounges or hotels that you’ve lost count? Does the luggage you travel with portray the executive traveller image you are aiming to portray?

Business travellers often understand how to travel efficiently better than your average traveller, but there are always ways to make your business traveller easier or just more enjoyable, after all life is not all work, work, work!

So here are 7 top tips for business travellers that may ease the pressure of travelling a little for you!

  1. Don’t pack as much as you think you need

Business travel is generally about getting to where you need to be, getting the job done and then getting home.  Many business travellers pack far too much only to wear about one third of the items.  A simple trick is to lay out your items and outfits beforehand, decide on only what is absolutely essential, and then pack only what you will need rather than for a “just in case” scenario as most destinations have shops you can purchase items from if you really do get stuck. 

  1. Use travel and flight time to relax

Business travel can be tiring and stressful and just because if you are a frequent flyer you are travelling business or (dare we suggest it) first class, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily less stressful. Trying to work in a busy airport lounge or at 35,000 feet is often not good. Your mind may not really where it should be, very often you are cramped and then of course there is the turbulence and distraction from other passengers.  Use the flight time to switch off and relax and your business trip will go much more smoothly.

  1. Keep hydrated

A well-hydrated body is a healthy body and this goes for the mind too so it’s important to stay hydrated when you travel; whatever the reason for the journey. Make sure that you purchase a bottle of water after security or pick one up from the airport lounge.  Ask for extra water from the trolley when it comes by and keep sipping to keep hydrated.  Many airlines offer free alcoholic drinks, especially on long haul flights, and business travellers might be keen to partake in a few beverages to take the edge of thing. However, just remember that alcohol dehydrates you so therefore try to keep it to a minimum.   

  1. Eat Regularly

Business Travel can mean that your eating habits get a little erratic but just as it’s important to stay hydrated, it’s also important to ensure you are eating regularly. If you are using the airport lounge then take advantage of the free food offered there, and also perhaps take a couple of snacks with you for if you get hungry mid-flight. Most airlines will also leave snacks out on a long-haul flight so that you can help yourself.

Want to get fed first on your flight?  The simple trick to getting fed first and sometimes getting a really good meal is to order a special meal before you fly. If you order a special meal then these will be bought first most of the time and you can be tucking into your meal first giving you more time to relax whilst everyone else’s meal is served! 

  1. Back up clothing

One of the biggest concerns of a business traveller is often losing their bags or having their bags delayed. As any frequent traveller will tell you, assuming this will never happen to you is a mistake.  One of the best top business travel tips is to make sure that you pack a spare set of clothes, or at least a change of underwear, in your carry on case.  Good business cabin luggage will provide ample room for this meaning that should the worst happen, you at least have something clean to change into.

  1. Stay In Touch

Many travellers say that one of the toughest parts of business travel has nothing to do with their work, endless meetings or airline travel but it is actually far closer to home.  Business travel can leave loved ones worried or just missing you and very often a business person who is travelling has to leave well before a loved one or family member is actually awake or in any state to see them off.  Of course the wonders of technology mean that we can now stay in touch with our loved ones via Skype, Facetime or over the phone, but a really lovely way you can stay connected with home and family is to leave a special note for your loved one to find when you are traveling.  Business travel can easily put pressure on a relationship and this simple tip shows just how much you love that special someone and will give them something to smile about whilst you are away.

  1. Business Luggage

Business luggage gets treated more ferociously than the average weekend bag.  The business case you travel with needs to be strong, secure, robust, and above all practical.  Business travel with the wrong luggage can be a nightmare and can mean that your image as an “executive traveller” becomes somewhat compromised.

Choosing the right bag for business travel is THE top tip for business travellers and of course Bizhop luggage is a great luggage solution for the executive traveller.  The Bizhop Hanger Handle cabin case is the ultimate in executive travel.  The case has been designed to help the business traveller navigate the airport quickly and in style and the bag meets all the cabin baggage restrictions in place with airlines.  When finding time to sit down and work, have a coffee or even enjoy a meal, the Bizhop Hanger Handle folds out to provide a convenient place to hang your jacket and keep it wrinkle free.  A Bizhop travel case is the perfect partner for any business traveller.   

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