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The Hanger Handle

This hand luggage cleverly solves the problem of what to do with your jacket when you want to take it off. The pull-out handle will also fold open to form a sturdy coat hanger – The Hanger Handle - so you can keep your jacket safe and crease-free. You can even wheel our travel suitcase with the jacket on the hanger, leaving you a free hand to use your phone or hold your documents.

Our carry on luggage is designed to meet all the needs of the business or frequent traveller. The innovative case, which can be fully opened in the upright position, combines its unique Hanger Handle with a virtually indestructible hard shell.

Bizhop Luggage is the answer to a seamless transition through airport security. Our carry on suitcase is a much more manageable hand luggage solution than a squashy travel bag. When opened in the upright position a padded laptop pocket and other pockets can be easily accessed - without contents being on view or falling out.  

A tough and durable lightweight suitcase without compromising quality and style, our carry on luggage has many benefits, can be customised, or bought wholesale.

Our ground-breaking concept for Bizhop luggage is getting praise from travellers and suppliers.

When I heard about Bizhop’s invention, I said “I need one of those”. I’m always travelling the world and need to wear a suit for my events, so the Hanger Handle will be extremely convenient, and I like the well thought out interior too.
Frequent flier Raymond Keene OBE, the chess correspondent to The Times and The Spectator and chess grandmaster

I was very impressed with the simple effectiveness of the design, combined with apparent ease of manufacture.
Nick Blackledge is MD of K2 Global, Professional Luggage Solutions, which distributes premium and business luggage

The Hanger Handle would be useful for my husband’s suit jacket when he’s travelling on business. Quite often he takes it off while waiting to board and it slips onto the dirty, dusty floor - not a good look!
Helen C-M welcomes luggage for international travel that helps you arrive neat and tidy

At Bizhop we’ve got the handle on business luggage. Our team is ready to discuss investment opportunities with you as well as wholesale order requirements for our carry on luggage. Please contact us:

Telephone: +44 333 577 2249


Introducing British-born brand, Bizhop Luggage, a premium hard sided cabin suitcase with a handy Hanger Handle.
The suitcase can be opened whilst upright with easily accessible pockets inside.

“We’ve got the handle on business luggage.”